Frédéric Roux

Dalet, Director of Sales, Americas

Frédéric Roux is the director of sales, Americas at Dalet. Roux joined Dalet as an account manager for CBC Broadcasting (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) in September 2000. After overseeing projects in the U.S.A. for four years as a project manager, then as the director of projects, Roux became the director of operations for the Americas region. Since his appointment as the director of sales in 2012, Roux has led Dalet's business and sales strategy for the Americas, helping to design some of the most complex and progressive media workflow solutions and projects for some of the largest media organizations in the industry.

Before joining Dalet in 2000, Roux worked at TAK, a joint project of interactive television by Thomson Multimedia and Microsoft, in developing new online services. He also worked at Bouygues Telecom and T.P.S. (Télévision Par Satellite) on I.T. oriented projects.

Roux holds a M.Sc. degree in engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and an M.A. degree in management and marketing from the University Paris Dauphine. Roux is passionate about the media world and how to leverage technological innovation to tell better stories.

Featured in: Technology and the Next Generation of News Storytelling (Monday)

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